Our Strong Points

An internal engineering department allowing to work on the design of the machine electrical system, the drawing of the diagrams with three CAD workstations, the management of standard software and machine safety software through PLCs of major brands (Siemens – Telemecanique – Omron – Proface – Pilz - Izumi).

An internal production department able to perform all the necessary processes for the supply and assembly of MV applications complete with oil and resin transformers; MV panels with flexible cells; high- and low-voltage distribution boards; small- and large-sized automation panels in both special and standard versions. Moreover this department ensures the product final test using modern instruments and a full technical support under warranty and after-sales service.

A professional and articulated structure of plant engineers prepared and equipped for:

  • The installation of integrated control systems on any machine and machinery;
  • The assembly of busbars with secondary bus and distribution boards;
  • The assembly of cable ducts complete with wiring;
  • The assembly of indoor and outdoor lighting installations with lighting engineering calculations;
  • The realisation of civil installations, burglar alarms and networks in apartment buildings and offices;
  • The realisation of photovoltaic systems;
  • The support and repair on existing installations;
  • The design and testing of the installations.

A technical support service guaranteed by a solid team of specialized and constantly up-to-date technicians able to put their long experience in the field at customers' disposal, thus ensuring prompt, quick and successful interventions. The interventions are performed in any part of the world but also through remote support systems, thus allowing to work off-site on logic devices installed in order to meet any requirement cheaply and quickly.

The synergies implied by having all these departments in the same structure are clear. Referring to a single reality, the customers' needs are analysed considering all the factors, and the interventions necessary to realise the project are carried out with no conflicts or clashes, thus guaranteeing efficient, professional and economically advantageous solutions. The collaboration among the staff of the design, the realization and the after-sales departments currently increases the quality of performances offered and further on the know-how put at customers' disposal.

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