Quality System

As a result of the belief in the importance of production processes based on clear, well-defined and reliable procedures, E.I.B. has been Quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 since the year 2000.

Our company Quality policy is based on some key points: 

  • the ability of understanding and meeting the present and future needs and expectations of our current and potential customers, constantly monitoring the quality of the products/services offered, as well as market trends and competitors' developments; 
  • the awareness that collaborators are the most important company resource - the best ones have qualities of reliability, willingness and technical know-how. In order to make them work at their best, it is necessary to be able to understand and consider the requirements and expectations of all the interested parties by creating an efficient organizational structure with the right mentality. An enlarged structure considering not only the employees as collaborators, but also the suppliers, the partners and the related companies, since all these parties influence the quality of the final product and service;
  • the ability of leading the organization towards continuous improvement of its performances, always trying to go beyond the level reached. The main goal is the full and complete customers' satisfaction, because a satisifed customer is a loyal customer and this satisfaction is guaranteed by a process as solid and repeatable as possible, a process ensuring the highest quality and meeting obligations and costs.


Company Profile


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