Our History

E.I.B. group was born in 1998 from the meeting of two long-experienced production realities in order to increase the specific knowledge in the different fields of electrical technology, exploiting the synergies and thus offering a complete range of products and performances able to satisfy all the customers' needs.

When the group was established, IMAT Automazioni already had a twenty-year experience mainly in hardware and software design as well as switchboard building for industrial automation and technical service. On the other side, E.I.B. - since its foundation in 1972 - was specialized in the realisation of medium- and low-voltage distribution boards, in the execution of civil and industrial installations and in integrated control systems for any kind of industrial equipment.

In the course of 2004, the two companies merged to form a single operating unit with its headquarters in Civate.

Recently we have moved from Civate to newer and more functional premises located in Oggiono.

An area of 2,000 square meters including the engineering workshop where we assemble and wire switchboards; a large and well-stocked warehouse always ensuring availability of the components offered by major brands on the market; spacious and modern offices where projects are analysed, developed and carried out.

Company Profile


E.I.B. srl
Via per Lecco, 24/A
23848 Oggiono (LC) Italy
Tel. 0341 1694240
Fax. 0341 1694242
P.IVA: 02777170131